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Free guide: Estrogen Blocking Medication

Has your doctor recommended estrogen blocking medication?  Do you know the side effects?  Do you know how to decide if it's right for you?

Estrogen blocking therapy and medication for 5-10 years is the most commonly prescribed treatment for              estrogen positive breast cancers.  It is an important decision that has profound impact on your health and for many women their quality of life and yet too many women are not given the information to make an informed choice and know what to expect.  The side effects and health risks are significant yet many women are unaware of the risks of these medications. 

Do you understand the role of estrogen in your body?

Do you know the implications to your health of blocking estrogen?

Do you know what to expect in terms of common side effect and what to do if you have them?

Do you feel prepared?

If you answered NO this guide is for you. 

 If you don't know your options you don't have any.

                    Downloading this guide will give you crucial information to understanding these medications 

and empower you to make the best decision for yourself

Understand the important role of estrogen to our overall health and quality of life

Understand common side effects to estrogen blockers

Have the information to know what questions to ask your doctor in order to be proactive

Understand the many facets of estrogen balance and ways to address this with natural approaches

Learn about common supplements and foods that support healthy estrogen balance

My name is Deborah Beaumont.  I'm an Advance Practice Nurse, Functional Medicine Practiioner and breast cancer survivor.  I know how hard it is to sort through the information overload and figure out what is right for you.  It is my goal to empower you to navigate your recovery with the best information possible and reclaim your your health by being an active partner with your medical and treatment team so you have the best treatment plan that gives you the best quality of life.  For me - that's what it's all about.  Thank you for allowing me to support you in this process. 

Support or questions please reach out to me at RadicalHealthRN@gmail.com 

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